Teaching My Toddler Spelling: A Melissa & Doug Product Review

Before having my daughter, I had no idea who or what Melissa & Doug were. Absolutely none! Now I’ve become one of their biggest fans. The Melissa and Doug See & Spell Learning Toy is my daughter’s favorite toy right now. She wakes up everyday asking to play with “Letter B” as she calls it […]

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The 5 Best Podcasts for Badass Mom Entrepreneurs

“If you feed your mind as often as you feed your stomach, then you will never have to worry about feeding your stomach or a roof over your head or clothes on your back.” – Albert Einstein In our weight obsessed culture, I’ve been guilty of focusing more on my body and outward appearance than […]

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If I Could Go Back and Do It All Again

So much wasted time, money, and effort could have been avoided if I had done just one thing. Just one. Having some time to relax, think, and reflect this past Mother’s Day, I realized that entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting yet loneliest paths to take to make money and create the life you […]

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