The 5 Best Podcasts for Badass Mom Entrepreneurs

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“If you feed your mind as often as you feed your stomach, then you will never have to worry about feeding your stomach or a roof over your head or clothes on your back.” – Albert Einstein

In our weight obsessed culture, I’ve been guilty of focusing more on my body and outward appearance than what I fed my mind with. On the outside I looked great according to American standards of beauty and also felt great physically. There was nothing that I felt my body couldn’t accomplish. On the inside I was a mess. I lacked real confidence in myself, real knowledge and understanding of what it took to become an entrepreneur, and I lacked real peace. I was also chasing the next thing to help move my business forward, anxious and worried about the next milestone I’ve set for myself in business. I was healthy but my mental peace was not. After a couple of years, a few bouts with depression, and struggles with burn out, I realized that a REAL healthy diet is not only what you put in your body but also what you feed your mind, spirit, and soul.

Earlier last year, l fell in love with listening to podcasts. Prior to that I was an audio book junkie and was subscribed to Audible. I’ve since canceled my Audible account for the time being to save on that $14 monthly fee as well as the costs of all the books I was always downloading. I was a serious book junkie. In it’s place, I discovered a ton of podcasts for free! I was instantly hooked. Despite your level of education, it’s so important to continue your education and podcasts are a great way to do so.

Business is always changing. Techniques are always improving. Social Media rules of engagement aren’t the same today as they were a year ago or the year prior to that. So it is important to always be learning and staying up to date with the trends in your business. On a personal front, feeding your mind motivation and encouragement on a daily gives you the “can achieve the impossible” positive attitude that is needed as an entrepreneur. Podcasts can also help you in your relationships with your partner, friends, and even with God. And some podcasts are simply just fun to listen to.

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I love podcasts. Not only are podcasts educational, and free but they are easily accessible to listen to while you are driving your little ones to daycare or you can listen to them while doing chores around the house. Instead of listening to nursing rhymes and songs like baby shark, I have podcasts playing in my car every morning with my little one. My toddler will know all about financial independence and marketing by the time she is five! Just joking…or am I?

All jokes aside, I love a good podcast. Below are a list of my favorite podcasts that have had a great impact on my this year so far.

  1. Million Dollar Badass
Million Dollar Badass Podcast by Rachel Rodgers

The Million Dollar Badass is a podcast by Rachel Rodgers, geared to help women earn seven figures in her business. She is a wife and mother of four children and own a company that coaches women on how to scale their business. I love this podcast for her no BS real approach to giving great advice and practical business skills to help you in business.

2. Journey To Launch Podcast

Journey To Launch Podcast

Journey to Launch is another great podcast by Jamila Souffrant, where she discusses ways to help you save money, get out of debt, and invest to reach financial freedom. She is a first generation Jamaican American who was able to save 85k in 12 months, quit her job, then start this podcast to help other people.

  1. The Successful Mind Podcast

The Successful Mind Podcast is by David Neagle and is so so so good for your mindset to help you believe you can achieve anything your mind and heart desires. Not only is his advice practical, its motivational and his voice is strangely very soothing and encouraging.

  1. Amy Porterfield
Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield is excellent! She is a marketing expert and her podcast is full of valuable practical marketing advice that I would pay for, it’s that good!

Episode #258 How To Achieve More By Doing Less with Michael Hyatt

  1. Sexy Marriage Radio
Sexy Marriage Radio

I was introduced to Sexy Marriage Radio a month ago and it hasn’t disappointed. It was a honest open dialogue about Christian sex in marriage. This podcast doesn’t shy away from taboo topics because they acknowledge and are open talking about sex in the marriage bed. This podcast is great for relationship development.

These podcasts have really started shaping my mind for more happiness, more success, and more peace this year and I hope these podcast inspire you as they have inspired me to have the courage to fully invest in myself and my dreams.

If you have a lists of podcasts you love listening to, comment below! If you decide to take a listen to the few I listed above, let me know what you think!


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